People Watching


They have time, just not for you.

We keep trying and hoping but they have no obligation to respond…

Perfection is not a single state of being.

Many people don’t seem to understand the responsibilities of personal independence, and many people who wish to force it upon others don’t seem to understand the consequences that may result from it.

Aug 6

It seems when you get older, you become more cynical… try to remember that open-mindedness does not equate to gullibility.

Life is short, yet we somehow want to spend a lot of it trying to compete with others.

I totally don’t understand why many women’s pants and shorts can’t have respectable pockets…

Falling in love costs you friends

Disappointing really…

Jealousy seems to lie at the heart of most of humanity’s evils.

I know how to cure the loneliness problem.  Stop thinking that you’re a god.